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Name: Kenny Lagasse
Title: Operations Manager

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Title: Sales Manager

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All Wheel Drive Dyno Tuning (AWD)



We offer full tuning services with our Dyno Dynamics All Wheel Drive dyno (2400 horsepower awd capable) and Superflow Autodyn 2 Wheel Drive (2000 horsepower capable) from piggy back computers to full engine management systems. Don't just let anyone tune your automobile! We have certified EFI and advance EFI tuners on site. If you'd like to schedule an appointment for tuning please contact us at 910.219.4176

 450DS AWD chassis dynamometer & Superflow Autodyn 2 WD * TWO DYNOS*

Ideal for diagnosis and performance work

  • Rear wheel drive
  • Front wheel drive
  • 4WD/AWD cars, recreational vehicles
  • 2WD/4WD race cars
  • Sport utility vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Recreational vehicles
  • Motorcycles (with optional adapter)
  • Small physical size (only 300 mm/12" high), not much more than one workbay



Vehicle transportation and tow service available




Dyno Rates
-3 Dyno test runs, measuring and recording wheel horsepower and wheel torque only (boost pressure/vacuum when applicable). 
-Same parameters as above, with wideband oxygen sensor to measure and record air/fuel ratio also.
-1 hour of dyno time. This includes a factory trained dyno technician operating the dyno for one hour only. You will have access to measuring and recording of the following parameters: air/fuel ratio, boost pressure/vaccum, wheel horsepower, and wheel torque. This fee does allow the owner of the vehicle (or person with approval of the owner), to make any necessary changes to the vehicle they deem needed. This does not include any technical consultation from the operating dyno technician, nor does this fee include or allow for the use of any additional tools or equipment owned by Majestic Motorsports, or the operating dyno technician.
*All above prices are subject to extra fee’s in certain circumstances (i.e. profusely leaking fluids, breakage that renders the vehicle not driveable off of the dyno, extremely low or high vehicles, exhaust routing that may interfere with normal vehicle securing methods, vehicles that require ‘special’ needs for normal operation etc.).   In these cases, the customer will be notified of any additional charges before the vehicle is secured on the dyno to ensure customer agreeance.
*These prices include almost all front wheel, rear wheel, and all wheel drive vehicles, as well as most 4 wheelers, motorcycles, and other recreational vehicles. If you’re vehicle is rendered unsafe or unable to operate properly at any time during your dyno session (whether or not your time, or number of tests are complete), you will be charged the minimum $85.00 dyno fee, and maximum however many hours your vehicle was being operated on the dyno. Any additional labor that may be necessary and/or beneficial to the vehicle while on the dyno, will be mentioned and suggested to the customer with an estimate, which will require the customer to approve the work at the estimated rate of regular shop labor rates in order to perform the work.
Tuning Rates
-This price includes the labor of a trained and certified efi tuning specialist/ factory trained dyno technician making any necessary changes that they have rendered to be necessary and/or  beneficial to the operation of the vehicle in any way.   Additional ‘multiple’ tunes, that may include different fuel applications, nitrous, water/methanol, and other auxiliary fuels, are billed accordingly as to how much time it takes to complete all tunes and settings requested.
*Tuning rates are separate from, and in addition to dyno rates. All tuning rates do not include any mechanical or technical labor beyond the basic diagnostics and checks required for a and safe efi tuning session. As stated above, any additional labor that may be necessary and/or beneficial to the vehicle while on the dyno, will be mentioned and suggested to the customer with an estimate, which will require the customer to approve the work at the estimated rate of applicable shop labor rates in order to perform the work.
*Tuning rates do not include the installation, wiring, or modification of any engine management components or tuning devices.
Typical Tuning Times
-Flash or chip tuning device on lightly modified vehicle (i.e. intake, headers, exhaust, mild camshaft, throttle body, intake manifold). 1-2 hours.
-Flash or chip tuning device on heavily modified vehicle (i.e. after market injectors, after market MAF or MAP sensors, aggressive camshafts, aftermarket forced induction). 1-3 hours.
-Piggy back fuel and/or ignition systems on lightly modified vehicle. 1-2 hours.
-Piggy back fuel and/or ignition systems on heavily modified vehicles. 1-3 hours.
-Stand alone EMS tuning on most vehicles. 1-4 hours.
*Tuning times are based off of the assumption that the vehicle being tuned is 100% mechanically sound and operational, any additional labor required can alter average tuning times. Additional fees are also possible dependant upon difficulty of access to installed tuning apparatus (kick panels, trim, PCM/ECU, etc.)